Random Ramblings

Ahoy!  Remember all that testing I did with Argon?  The dude who bullied me into giving answers that weren’t true?  Well, none of that testing matters because I’m going to get tested again with someone else.  I’m going to be discussing this with my psychiatrist who I will be referring to as Styx in the […]


Salutations, my friends!  I have just returned home from group.  Okay, I got home about an hour ago.  I had supper, fed my cat, took a shower, and told my mother that she wasn’t a complete failure and sometimes she’s right.  Today in group, we restarted the entire learning process for DBT.  We are covering […]

My Spazzing and Me: Acceptance Edition

Greetings, my friends!  I hope you are all doing better than I am.  I’m around 90% sure my pinky toe is broken.  I have it taped up currently and am refusing to see a medical professional because I am deeply afraid of not being able to control myself and asking for drugs.  It’s an unreasonable […]

Inspiring Pathways

Genki desuka, minna!  How are you all today?  I’ve been fighting another migraine and I think I might talk to a doctor about it because they’re becoming more and more frequent it seems.  However, beyond that, I made some tuna mayo onigiri this morning for my friend Ebony Irishman (my black irish friend) and Charon, […]

Testing Problems and Concerns

I need to vent.  So, I’ve been doing this testing thing with Argon to determine my mental diagnosis/status/whatever, right?   I’m supposed to see him Tuesday, but I’m going to cancel.  He kept postponing the appointments and I didn’t feel like I could trust him and I ended up not telling him a lot of […]

Emotion Motions and Notions

Hey guys!  Today I got to pay for that bookmark I accidentally stole the other day as well as get more ramen and kimchi.  I met this cute girl at the grocer’s and she was flirting with me, I think.  I didn’t ask for her number because I am an idiot and socially inept.  Also […]

Accepting Progression and Introspection

Konbanwa, my friends!  I had just a spectacular day.  Do you know how many strawberries I’ve gotten to eat?  The answer is a lot.  I fucking love strawberries.  I also went to the market to get more strawberries.  So now I have all the strawberries.  I’m going to be so sick of strawberries, just like […]