Testing: Day 2

Hello, friends!  Today was the second meeting with Argon.  It was simple enough in theory.  I was supposed to do an IQ test for the dude and start on the MMPI thingy.  I fucking hated it.  Oh my various heathen gods, how I loathed the IQ test.

First, there were these blocks that I had to do a pattern for.  I am so slow with fine motor skills and I couldn’t figure out the last thing.  Then, there was some number sequence games, which I’m pretty sure I flunked.  I think I did well on the ‘defining words’ portion.  The only word I didn’t know was ‘pragmatic’.  I guessed on ‘palliate’.  For the record, ‘pragmatic’ means practical.  Palliate means to alleviate.  I had guessed that it meant something was delicious.  I was wrong, apparently.

I’m not going to go step by step through out the entire process, but I will tell you this.  Oh my various heathen gods, there was people in the next room taking the same test so Argon put up a white noise machine.  I hate white noise machines.  They emit this low sounding whoosh that makes my head pound.  I don’t like it and it’s annoying.  By the time we had finished with the IQ test, I was tapping my head with my fingers and playing with Chaz the Spaz toy.

For the MMPI or whatever, I sat in the hall and did the first 300 questions or so.  Something kept clunking behind the wall and making my desk vibrate.  That was distracting.  I also kept hearing doors slam and the click clacking of various computer things and just no.  I’m very worn out from this ordeal alone.

Afterwards, I had to go to (evil blue superstore) for water, mouthwash, and shorts.  It was loud and noisy and I got 2 pairs of shorts that I’m not even sure I like but at least it’s not long jeans.  They are short jeans.  And I just realized why they are called shorts.  I may be retarded.  We’ll know in a few weeks when I get the results from that.

Well, I have had a very stimulating day.  I need to destress and burrito in my blanket.  It is also 28 degrees common today with 53% humidity. That’s 82 in freedom units.  I’m going to cool off with some spicy ramen or something.


-The Sarcastic Autist

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