Today’s Tragedy

My brothers and sisters, today we have suffered a great tragedy.  50 of our brothers and sisters have died and more than 50 additional are injured.  There was a gunman that opened fired and then killed himself in a nightclub down in Orlando, Florida.  It is being called the greatest tragedy since 9/11 and is being treated as an act of domestic terrorism.

Now, I am not very good at expressing my emotions.  I do know that my heart hurts and that I’m very sad about everything.  Today, we are all in suffering together in this act of violence, this terrible deed committed by one man.   I will not give him the honour of remembering his name.  He was a man who had many bad spirits.  I do not understand his actions.  I am not sure I want to.  I do want to beg you to please blame this singular man for his actions and not aim your anger and hatred at the Muslim religion.  The Muslim faith, as well as the Christian faith and the Jewish faith, even Pagans, every faith has people who take it to extremes.  Please remember that.

I also want to remind you that we are all connected by the Red String of Fate.  We are all brothers and sisters in the spirit, all born within the Human race.  Regardless of skin colour, language, faith, nationality, allegiance, sexuality or gender identity we are all one family.  I beg you to look upon your neighbor and see the bond of brotherhood we all share.  I beg that you do not hate an entire population for the acts of one man.

Please, my dear readers.  If you listen to me only this once, please remember.  We have lost so many lives in a senseless attack.  We are all scarred, some more so than others.  Today marks a great tragedy and I don’t want to see more senseless suffering.  Please do not shift blame on the attacker’s family.  Blame will take us nowhere.  It will not bring back those who were taken too soon.  It will not heal the wounds of those who managed to survive.  It will not heal our hearts.

Instead, I ask that you pray to whatever god or gods you may worship for healing and strength for those affected directly.  Keep those who have passed in your hearts and in your thoughts and in your prayers that they may find peace in the Next Life.  I will not ask that you forgive the man that has committed such an atrocity.  I do not think I will be able to forgive him.

Instead, I ask that you find acceptance in your hearts.  Not today, maybe not tomorrow or even next year.  When our wounded hearts have had time to heal and our battered brains have had time to process, work on acceptance.  This is a terrible thing to have happened and carrying the blackness of it in our hearts forever will not help.

We are allowed to have sorrow and we are allowed to have anger and frustration.  Long term anger is more harmful to ourselves than it is towards the ones we are angry at.

In my heart of hearts, I am not angry.  I am confused and sad.  The suffering of my brothers and sisters is my suffering.  Today, we are all suffering the loss of life and the injuries of so many others.  Today, lives have been changed forever.

I encourage anyone reading this to see what they can do to help the victims.  I hear they are looking for food and water and blood donations.  Article for Donations and OneBlood has a phone line donation appointments at 1-888-9DONATE (1-888-936-6283).

Thank you.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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