Testing: Day 3

Hey guys.  Today was another fabulous day of testing.  Oh my various heathen gods I hate testing so much.  I am so fucking glad it’s over.  Fun fact: my mother had to fill out the same take home forms as I did and we both agreed my social skills suuuuuck. (say that in the tone of an angsty teenage boy.  I dare ya.  It’s funny.)  Past that, we didn’t really agree much on what my symptoms were.  But eh, whatever.

I did get the results back from my IQ test because he was worried about how fast I did the MMPI and this other 125 question test.  We went over my scores and I scored super smart.  (93rd percentile y’all, yay).  I feel validated that I’m actually smart and not just pretending to be smart.  Trust me, I really thought that was an option.

As for actual testing, I had to read a book and make a story out of some pictures and such.    Describe another picture.  It was boring.  At the end, he did say that he thought I would be mildly Autistic.  So, high functioning?  On the other hand, we both agreed that my social skills suck and eye contact is definitely not something I’m good at.

Even if it comes up as not on the Spectrum, my therapist and I agree that I have enough of the traits to still get treatment as someone on the Spectrum would receive.  Because that’s what works for me.  Honestly, I’m more relieved that my IQ wasn’t 5, so I don’t care what else the test says at this point.

I’ve had a really stressful day and now I’m going to cuddle with my cat and be a burrito.

May your gods watch over you and keep you safe.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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