An Open Letter to my Ex

Dear Exacerbating Ex, I actually hope this finds you well.  I know how much you’ve struggled these past few years with your mental health and addictions.  I know that when I stole your pills, that was wrong.  Regardless of all the times you’ve stolen my pills or made me go to the doctor’s to procure […]

Eating Disorder Woes

Hello, everyone!  I have a few announcements!  First off, Kuma-chan has expressed interest in making a wordpress so she can comment.  I told her I don’t care what she does because I’m not going to dictate her life.  Her concern was getting involved here in my ‘private place’ or something like that.  Again, she may […]

Don’t Tell Me How I Feel

I am sorry, my faithful followers.  There will be no Sarcastic Chaturday this week.  My asthma is acting up and it makes it very hard to talk.  However, I will make sure that next week’s episode is super duper awesome and will record some fill-in episodes for the future in case this ever happens again. […]

Changing the Chameleon

Merry meet, my friends!  My cat is currently bugging me because there is a storm outside and because I haven’t given her any treats.  Mostly because of the treats.  So, today I’ve decided to become an anthropologist when I grow up.  Simple explanation is that an anthropologist studies the histories of people and I already […]

Reality, Acceptance, and Change

Hello, my friends!  I want to give a shout out to ToadieOdie for her brilliant comments and suggestions.  Also to Kuma-chan for dealing with my bullshit.  I’m doing loads better today with the migraine and the conflict with my friend.  Mostly because I have rekindled my love for reading, yet again.  Ah, books, they never […]

Fighting with Friends

Douzoyoroshiku, minna!  I had been fighting a migraine since last night and I’m hoping it was just stress and weather causing it.  I’ve been taking Excedrin and I think I have it well under control now.  I’ve also started reading InkHeart again, and my various heathen gods it’s just as wonderful as I remember.  Onto […]