Lost Identity

Hello, everyone.  I’m doing well again today.  I’m keeping up with the Happy Zenitude streak.  I went to church and had soy ice cream this morning.  I’m considering trying to learn how to drive again.  I’m still Accepting me as I am.  And my asthma hasn’t been nearly as bad as it was. However, the […]

Understanding ‘Acceptance is Key’

Hello, everyone!  I hope everyone has been having a good day today.  I had a pretty uneventful day myself.  I did get my hands on some behind-the-counter asthma medication called Bronkaid.  I took one pill many hours ago and my breathing got so much better so much quicker.  I had almost forgotten what it’s like […]

Happy Day and a First

Hello, friends!  I was able to breathe correctly for the first time today.  I was so happy.  And then there was a storm.  The storm made me rather anxious and the sound of the rain hitting the vehicle I was in on the way to group was getting to me too.  I took a deep […]

Again to Adventure: Renewing my Oath

Hallo, meinen fruendin.  (Sorry, my German is rather rusty).  I had to go to the doctor about the asthma thing.  We seem to have come to the conclusion that a combination of the frequent weather changes in my area as well as a high temperature alert and a high pollen/allergen warning have all come together […]

Ramblings of a Sick Person

Konbanwa, minna.  I am still sick.  Anytime I eat anything, I end up feeling nauseated.  It’s frustrating.  My chest and throat both have a heaviness that makes me think that somehow this is all my asthma’s fault.  However, if I am still ill tomorrow, I’m going to make an appointment with the doctor.  I’m due […]

Depression and Suffering

Hello, my dear readers.  I am sitting here sipping on an iced coffee protein shake (soy milk, chilled coffee, protein powder, sweet-n-low and some coffee ice cubes in a shaker bottle).  It’s delicious and nutritious and I’ve been obsessing over these things for the last couple of days.  I feel like I have a lot […]