I hate Storms

Hello and good evening, everyone!  I just realized I technically didn’t post last night and I apologize.  I had my yearly physical and got my test results back and for the first time in many years, my fasting glucose was smack dab in the middle of normal.  I did have some low results that my doctor thinks is probably related to my eating disorder, but nothing is alarming.  We’re going to see if I have any problems and redo the tests if I have any weird symptoms.

So, today was Wednesday, and that means group.  We discussed problem solving.  Okay, so I have all these great ideas in my head right now for this post and I’m just not feeling it right now.  It’s storming outside and I fucking hate the storms.  They are loud and they are scary. It makes it dark way too early and it makes too much sound and I hate it so very much.

I’m going to come back online when there is no more storm so I can do a proper post because fuck this storm.  I can’t concentrate and storms really freak me out.

I’m going to go hide with Neko-chan somewhere.

-The Sarcastic Autist


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