Charon’s Clarification

Hello, my dear readers, followers, friends, and other random people on the internet.  Today was indeed busy, but I wouldn’t classify it as long.  In fact, I feel a lot better having talked to Charon about my shit week and my shut down and my gender shit.  For the record, I want to say that I don’t mind being called she/he/him/her/his.  I don’t like being called a lady.  I am not a lady.  I am not a woman.  I’m on the fence on ‘they’ because I just figured out that ‘they’ can also be used as a singular.  I feel like a moron and will apologize to Charon next week for being a dumb bacon butt.

I did ask Charon for clarification on what she had wanted me to do because I was lost on the homework.  It turns out, she was trying to convey that I tend to dress more alternate ’emo’ rather than dress like the typical mainstream person.  That’s what she meant.  I completely took things the wrong way and honed in on the words and not exactly the meanings.  So, I want to apologize to you lot for spreading misinformation and causing further confusion and tumultuous emotions on that matter.  Charon does like my hair and has no problem with how I dress.  I just don’t dress like what most people would think of a country ‘bumpkin’ to dress.  I’m not sure that’s an actual word, but it makes me think of if a pumpkin and a potato had a baby.

So, to clarify: Charon did not mean to come off as hurtful.  She had no idea that I was taking her words quite literally and was trying to show me that I dress ’emo’.  I thought I was over the emo look, but whatever.  It’s not that big of a deal to me.  We did discuss my nonbinary status a bit and I said it’s pretty  much a non-issue, so long as people fucking stop calling me a lady.  I am not a lady.  I am a gentleman.

We went over a few things on this list (link) of female Asperger traits a bit.  I’m not entirely sure why we did, but we did.  I would like to take a few of the things on that list, such as social interactions being hard, and work on them in therapy.  I asked if I could have the paper copy she gave me to keep and she said yes.  I like paper copies of stuff versus digital copies.  Same with books.

And then group.  Oh my various heathen gods, group was difficult.  I hadn’t done the homework and I didn’t even try to pretend to have done it.  I straight up said that I didn’t do it because I was being a little shit and then I continued to be a little shit and not stay on task.  Holy shamrock shake, what the fuck, Sarcastic Autist?  Just… What the fuck.  I don’t know why I get so anxious in group settings and that bothers me.

Anyway, so we were learning about how to accumulate long-term  positive experiences.  The homework for this week is to take a core value we have and break it down into bite size pieces.  I want to write it out longhand before I attempt to put it up here and explain fully what it is we talked about because it’s a complicated thing.  I’m sure you all will understand it, that’s not the issue.  My issue is being able to convey what I mean without sounding like a potato.

So, short update.  I’m terribly sorry again.  I hope you all have a wonderful evening/day/morning/time of the angry red circle in the sky.

-The Sarcastic Autist


4 thoughts on “Charon’s Clarification

      • Believe it or not misunderstandings are fairly normal and common. It’s not just you or because of Autism. But as you can see from just this situation alone, how quickly things can become a mess from not asking for that clarification. Surprisingly many people won’t ask out of fear of looking like an idiot. Another reason is pride.

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      • Sometimes, I get to the point where I feel like it’s been too long to ask so I’m afraid to. I’m always sort of scared to ask for clarification because I know I’m not the most adept at communication and I’ve been bullied for it. However, this is a perfect example that I should always ask because it’s better to ask and learn than stay silent and remain ignorant.

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