My New TVP

Ola, my dear readers, followers, friends, and random people just stumbling upon my blog.  I hope this finds you well, and if not, you’ll be found well soon enough.  I spent most of the day worrying about my weight today because I’ve been eating a lot of salty foods and lost 2lbs according to my scale by the third hour of me being up, so yes, mostly water weight.   I’m feeling a bit better now.  Also, I have a queen sized mattress.  I have this huge ass mattress that I can sleep on.  Instead, I sleep at the foot of the bed like a dog.  My cat takes up more space on it.  On the other hand, I have my bean bag chair on one corner and I have it broken in enough that I feel like I’m nesting when I’m sitting on it.  That makes me happy.  I just wanted to share that.

I’ve also spent a majority of my day doing the DBT homework assignment.  I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun doing research and projects in a long time.  To recap, homework is to make a list of values that I hold close and dear.  Then, I’m supposed to pick one value and make a list of how I can accomplish/demonstrate/whatever that value.  To make it even more fun, it needs to be broken up into ‘tiny bite-size pieces’, according to Charon.  I prefer the term ‘baby steps’, but that’s because I’m a huge fan of the movie What About Bob?.  I love that movie.  I highly recommend it.  There’s a fish and everything!

Sorry, moving along.  So, like I said yesterday, I put my Core Values of Zenitude as my values.  Authenticity, Progressiveness, and Compassion.  Yes, I’m aware I used to say Kindness and all that.  I changed it to Compassion because I think Kindness is a cheap thing to have as a core value, at least for me.  Besides, this makes me feel more nifty.

I made a list of things that I thought demonstrated Authenticity and Progressiveness and Compassion.  For Authenticity, I put things like truthfulness, not skirting around issues, not pretending to be something I’m not, and so on and so forth.  For Progressiveness, I put taking every opportunity to learn and grow, to live in the Now but plan and prepare for the Future, stuff like that.  For Compassion, I put listening, giving of self selflessly, that sort of thing.  I’m sure you all get the gist of the idea.

I’m sort of doing a steady break down.  I wrote the general things under each Core Value that I think demonstrates that value.  Then, I made an additional list of things that fell into all 3 sections.  It’s going to be something like a triangle looking thing when I’m done.  Like a triple Venn Diagram, only cooler.  Back to the what I’m still doing, though.  I’m going back through the lists and cleaning them up a bit and adding an extra step or two.

How do I display truthfulness?  What sort of things should I do in order to listen fully to people?  How do I recognize Drop Bears in my life and help others recognize the Drop Bears in their lives?  Once I’ve gotten onto the next step, I’m going to go deeper down.  Eventually, I want to get to one simple thing that leads right back up to the main thing. It’s going to be sort of like a flow-chart, if that makes sense.  It’s awesome and so much fun.

I’ve also kept flipping through the books I got yesterday, Aspergirls and Living Well on the Spectrum.  I want to just sit down and read them.  I am so excited to sit down and read them and take notes and just totally nerd it out.  However, I can’t seem to get my attention to stay on anything other than my homework assignment.  I’m starting to feel like this is a sort of Tunnel Vision Project for me. I’m obsessing over it.

I didn’t want to stop and study my Japanese so I could continue working on this.  When I took my hour of unplugged rest time, all I could think about was the various ways I could continue breaking this down.  Let me tell you, I love taking things apart.  It just brings me great joy when I can take something and turn it into all its base components and then stick it all back together.  I once made a radio out of an old toy keyboard and a broken radio. (It counts, leave me alone.)

I didn’t want to get on and do today’s blog post either.  I am because I wanted to share my excitement with all of you.  It’s sort of a “look at me and how much fun this thing is and I’m so proud of myself for taking initiative and knowing how to do this thing for once”.  It’s fun and stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to go finish working on it.  When I’m all done with my project, I’ll make a digital copy of it to share with all of you.  I think you’ll find it ever so fascinating.

With care,

The Sarcastic Autist

4 thoughts on “My New TVP

  1. Projects are fun. .< Doesn't help when I get bit by "world builder's disease" and just want to build terrain forever. I really should say "Fine! Here it is!" and just launch the new terrain already. lol

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    • I don’t know what happened to my above comment. It was actually multiple paragraphs. It looks like it kept the first line of the first paragraph and the last line of the last paragraph. Sorry about that.

      I was trying to tell you about my love of projects and my current project that I haven’t talked about much on my blog using TerrainControl for Minecraft. It’s a program that tells the random generator for the game how to create the terrain the way you want it to. The most fun I had was making a mountain range to look like an ice cream sundae. I do this for my family’s Minecraft server.

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      • I have never wanted to play Minecraft more than I do right now. Simply for Ice Cream Mountain. Like in that one Rugrats episode that I watched many many winters ago, when the kids are at the mini golf place and Angelica wants ice cream and the holes are plugged with bits of paper so the balls can’t get to the hole in one and then the owners end up doing the whole “we’re ruined” because everyone was getting hole in ones on that hole because the kids moved the paper.
        I uh… I have a weird memory for that sort of thing. Can’t remember where my keys are, but I can remember the basis of every book, television show, and movie that I’ve ever seen. So long as I wasn’t high, drunk, or sleeping. Or 2 years old.
        Sorry, got super excited because I loved the Rugrats.

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      • I didn’t watch that show so I can honestly say my biome wasn’t based on that. I made it because I was using WorldPainter to create a custom map and my oldest son requested it. Layer I came across TerrainControl that allows you to tinker with the random generator. This means that instead of creating a single island that then transitions to randomly generated terrain, the entire world’s terrain can be custom generated. From an artistic nerd perspective this is very exciting to me.

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