Random Ramblings: tired and apathetic

So, it’s Saturday.  I know I haven’t been doing Sarcastic Chaturdays for a long while now.  I have a ton of excuses, including my stutter being a pain in my ass.  Mostly, I’ve just been feeling a bit off and sad and not wanting to do it.  Most days, it’s been hard to even come […]

On Feeling Stupid, Unreasonably Excited, and Spaztastic

Good day, everyone.  Neko-chan is laying on her side with her front paws pressed against my leg.  It’s cute.  I went to the store today because grapes were on sale for $1.48 a pound and I was going to purchase soy milk for my protein shakes but they were out of the soy milk I […]

Random Ramblings: ‘still not dead’

Well, everyone, it’s official.  I am about 99.9% sure I’m going through one of my ‘slightly more depressed than usual’ phases.  I’m a bit more detached and apathetic.  I’ve been sleeping a lot more than usual, despite my fear of sleep.  And, to top it off, Neko-chan has been behaving more like a butt-munch lately. […]