Debates in Bible Study

Hello again.  It’s me, with another ‘more than a few paragraphs’ post!  Yay!  I just want to say real quick that all day I’ve just been so hungry.  I’ve eaten probably around 1200-1500 calories minimum.  I’m estimating because I didn’t count them and I’m sort of trying to avoid such things lately.  I’ve also been growing out my hair.  I had nearly shaved head and I want to get it to a middle-ground of not quite medium but not quite short.  Neko-chan hissed at me while we were playing and so I swatted her nose.  Now she won’t lay by me and I feel bad.  I’ve had so much caffeine today, oh my various heathen gods, you don’t even know.

I woke up at 7 this morning to get ready for bible study.  Now, I probably have mentioned this before, but I am the youngest person there by far.  I’m also openly gay.  I brought up how I refuse to be labelled a Christian because of the hypocrisy that I see in the faith and I used how a majority of the people that I meet call the LGBTQ community sinners.  It’s often put as “the gays and the trans are sinners” or “they are sinners and need to ask for forgiveness”.  The last I checked, according to the Christian belief, we’re all sinners.  By separating the LGBTQ community apart as a specific set of sinners, without including the ‘we are all’, it’s an us vs them mentality.  It’s also quite ignorant.

It hurts me.  It’s like when people say hate the sin not the sinner.  How is loving someone a sin?  How is having a preference to date one gender over the other a sin?  But I don’t want to get too into that right now.  I do want to say that I started a huge, emotional debate in bible study and I don’t feel bad.  I’m tired of sweeping how people treat me under the rug.  There’s nothing wrong with being gay.  Treating me like it’s a lifestyle choice that I’m making or like Satan is tempting me into gayness is not okay.  It’s more than fifty shades of not okay.

I was also asked by one of the ladies to do face-painting at the craft fair in a few weeks.  I told her I would think about it but I think I’m going to say no.  I’m not comfortable doing that.  I’ll do the raffle, sitting and manning one of the tables, stuff like that.  I’m sort of nervous about having to be so close to other people for that length of time.

That’s all for today.  I’ll post what we learned in DBT later.

-The Sarcastic Autist


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