I am so tired

It is technically Saturday where I live, but I’m going to call this Friday’s post.  Because fuck it, why not?  I’ve been out all day.  I had a meeting with Styx, my psychiatrist.  She wants me to take more of my hydroxizine to help me sleep and she doesn’t seem to understand that it doesn’t make me sleepy.  I’m not sure if it does anything besides help my allergies.  My friend from the therapist’s office is also going to a new job.  I’m very happy for her, although I am sad I won’t see her as often.  I am happy for her new opportunity.

I went shopping with Okaasan again today.  We had to hit up Big Blue again.  I also needed to go to Relaxing Red for some stuff.  I’m willing to pay more to go to Red, but Okaasan can only find some things at Blue, so we go there.  It doesn’t really matter because I spent way more than I wanted to on things.

Besides some chips and a spatula thing, most of what I bought were necessities.  I needed niacin, make up, long sleeve shirts, another pair of exercise pants, a bra, underwear, socks… I got a yoga mat because doing yoga on the floor hurts my back.  I hate clothes shopping, but it’s just that time of year where my old clothes are too ratty to wear.  I’ve also lost so much weight that everything looks frumpy and gross.

I’ve got some thoughts on my Autism that I want to think about more so I can write them down for you.  Honestly, I’m really tired and I’m not looking forward to going to the grocer’s tomorrow.  I think I’ll head to bed.

-The Sarcastic Autist


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