OMG, why am I always sick?

It’s been snowing and raining here and there was a Blizzard Rainbow Arch over the state I live in with the weather.  Mostly, I feel sick so I don’t care about the weather right now.  I’m thinking there’s something about Habeneros that make me sick.  Jalepenos don’t make me sick but anything spicier than that makes my stomach mad even though it tastes so good.  It’s probably just my stupid digestive system being stupid.  Still, I had habenero vegan enchiladas and now I feel weird and sick.  So I’m going to go lie down and pretend I managed to work out and also not sleep all day because holy shit, I think I’m getting sick sick.

Like, not flu sick, because I had my shot.  But like, maybe it’s just the weird after-effect I sometimes get with migraines or seizures.  Or I’m not eating enough.  I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.  But I’m starting to feel a little random and not so well put together.  SO yeah, probably just sick.


7 thoughts on “OMG, why am I always sick?

    • I think I’ve done something screwy with my food intake by going off ramen. I had ramen today and feel so much better. I’m starting to think that I need the sodium in ramen just to survive. Ramen is love. Ramen is Life.
      In all seriousness, I think I’m having issues with my glucose and probably have some deficiencies that I’m going to bring up to my doctor next time I see her.

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      • I eat ramen nearly every day. There are times when I stop ramen that I get sick and so I go back to ramen. Ramen is a cruel mistress. But you are probably right. I should look more closely at the nutrient part of my diet and less at the calorie part now.


      • I know ramen has a lot of MSG in it and when I found out that MSG was causing a good chunk of my migraines, I went through my kitchen and started reading labels. Over half my food got donated away that day. In retrospect I shouldn’t have gone cold turkey like I did, but in the long run I do feel better now. I’m not saying that’s what’s causing the trouble for you because I’m not a doctor or a specialist but I do agree that ramen can be very cruel. Delicious, but cruel. I miss it. 😦 A lot. But migraines.

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