Peopled Out

I’m having a really hard time getting going lately.  On the ride over to DBT group today, I listened to the TED talks Brené Brown  did.  It made me realize that a lot my problems right now are stemming from letting myself be vulnerable and then feeling nonstop shame from that.

It also made me realize that Charon made me a Brené Brown fan-boy.  GoddamnitCharonwhyyoudothistome????

Anyway, I realize I didn’t post yesterday and I realize that today’s post is a nonpost.  I’m just wanting to relax and sort of de-jumble my brain and figure some things out.

I think I should start by making a list of things that make me feel ashamed or vulnerable or that I feel less-than-awesome at.  I don’t know.  Honestly, I kind of want to hide away right now.  I’m very peopled out and need some me time.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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