Emotionally and Mentally Drained

Hey guys and gals and everyone in-between.  I printed out yesterday’s post and I’m going to talk to Charon about it on Monday because it’s something that bothers me and I think I should work on that.

I don’t feel like I have much to say today.  I feel emotionally drained and put out.  I keep saying that I want to start dating again but I haven’t a clue how to and I’m also not sure that dating would be a good idea for me.  Partially because I suffer from Kid Sister Syndrome, where most people view me as a kid sister of sorts.  In other words, I’m immature and fun to hang around sometimes, but gods forbid dating me.

I want to curl up with my new Drop Bear plushie and read a book and just relax.  Get my mental stuff in order, you know?  Or go to sleep.  Sleep sounds pretty good to me.

-The Sarcastic Autist

11 thoughts on “Emotionally and Mentally Drained

  1. Are you wanting to date because you want to or because you feel you should? If it’s the latter, tell the world to fuck off. If it’s the first one… well all I can say about dating is this: If the person won’t respect your boundaries, don’t walk but RUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM. Seriously. Don’t put up with that shit. You truly do deserve to have your boundaries respected. Other than that, if the two of you are happy then it should be good.

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