one heck of a day

Okay, honestly, I’ve had an emotional roller coaster of a day and don’t feel like talking about it quite yet.  I’m going to be calling Kuma-chan after I brush my teeth here in a minute.

I gave all 3 of those blog post print-outs to Charon but we only managed to sort of talk about one because I speak like a potato verbally sometimes.  Hence why I liked the idea of printing them off in the first place.

The one we talked about was the Autism one.  I gave her chocolates and a soda pop in case I made her cry.  Gods damn, she reads slow.  Of course, I say that as a person who reads really really fast.  Insanely fast.  Ridiculously insanely fast.  She’s still faster than a lot of people that I know, so there’s that.

I got a little bit frustrated because I felt like I am able to say what I want and need when I’m typing but when I was speaking I couldn’t get the words to form right.


I also kind of wish I could take back the other two posts for right now.  But I’m not going to.

Charon mentioned that I might not be graduating DBT quite yet.  I didn’t ask for details why and I wish I did.  I might on Wednesday because it’s bothering me.  It’s one thing for me to think that I’m not doing well.  It’s another to have someone else confirm it.

(Drop Bears.  I have no idea what her reasoning is and I’m going to have to ask or I’ll just put myself into a shame spiral)

ANyway.  I’m possibly going to eat another tortilla and call Kuma-chan.


-The Sarcastic Autist


15 thoughts on “one heck of a day

  1. Just a shot in the dark here, but the last three posts covered a lot of emotional upheaval that suggests that you may still need to work through that maybe DBT can help you with. That’s just my thoughts but I haven’t been through DBT so I don’t know.

    In any case, be well. ❤

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