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Okay.  So.  I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stuff.  I talked to Charon about whether or not I’m graduating group and she said “what do you think about it” and she said I could choose to do another round of Emotion Regulation or I could just graduate.  Honestly, I feel like it doesn’t matter how much Emotion Regulation I do, I’m not going to get it.  I’m going to bring that up Monday when I see her.

Emotion Regulation was the only section that made me feel dense.  (Fun fact: you burn 150 calories an a hour when you bang your head against a wall.)  I’m able to describe my emotions as non-emotions.  (I feel like a waffle, for example.  Or a potato.  I feel like I need a stuffie.  I feel like little kid on crack. Stuff like that. Sometimes.  Not all the time.)

I don’t know if I should try Emotion Regulation one more time.  If I do, I’ll go in it with the whole “Ganbarimasu!” attitude.  I’ll do my best! sort of thing.

My leg, from my ankle up to above my knee, has been feeling swollen and slightly painful.    I should be wearing my boot but I don’t want to.  I like not wearing socks or shoes around the house because I can tiptoe like a weirdo better.  Meh.  I’ve been fighting a nasty cold and slept all day yesterday and my voice and throat hurt today.

I also have been working on a Drop Bear poem.

Diabolical and fearsome and cunning,

Deadly and worrisome and most unbecoming,

claws as sharp as knives and teeth that sever and snap,

The Drop Bear ruins lives by turning minds into traps.

But I know how to slay this alarming, frightful beast.

For the Drop Bear only exists in the Realm of Self Deceit.

Anyway.  I’ll be replying to everyone and doing a real post tomorrow.  Have a good one.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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