The Word of the Day is Effective

Hello, my friends, followers, and droppers-by.  Today’s word of the day is ‘effective’!  Because the word of the day is always ‘effective’!  Why is it always ‘effective’?  Because that’s the word Charon throws around all the time, and I mean that in an almost literal sense.  If she doesn’t say it at least once during session, I know something’s up.

But tomorrow, I plan on being the first to say it.  I’m going to say “Charon, do you think it would be EFFECTIVE for me to do another round of Emotion Regulation”.  Yes, I’m planning on emphasizing the word ‘effective’.

On a serious note, I would like her thoughts on it.  I think I need more Emotion Regulation learning stuff.  However, I’m not sure how ‘effective’ it would be for me to continue going to group to learn it.  If I haven’t gotten it by now learning the way I’ve learned the other skills, I don’t really think continuing would be worthwhile.  I feel the same way about Emotion Regulation as I do Geometry.  Confused and inadequate.

I’ve been cleaning all day and I’ll be cleaning all day tomorrow, before and after my appointment with Charon.  We have city inspections on Tuesday so we have to make sure the apartment is clean and in working order.

Have a good one, everyone.

Sorry, have an ‘effective’ one, everyone.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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