Anxious and Overwhelmed

I ended up not really talking to Charon about  much today.  We talked a lot about books and I made her listen to the Raining Tacos song.  Mostly because I was anxious as fuck and had gotten an unsettling text from my godmother about how she’s switching churches this morning.  I had also gotten a […]


I feel like I’m going to throw up.  I ate something wonky in my  supper that my stomach doesn’t like.  Maybe my tomato was bad or something, I dunno.  I’m just checking in and saying that I’ll reply to y’all tomorrow.  I have read your comments and want to thank you.  However, I’m going to […]

Words and Books

Hello!  I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I was sleeping.  I crashed shortly after I got home from seeing Charon and, with a few mini wake ups to take my meds and pee, I slept until around 11:00 am this morning.  I feel sort of bad because my blogging has fallen to the wayside a […]

Damn it

I didn’t always use to be this cynical.  I used to be very open minded and willing to try anything and open to all points of view.  Then I was with Exacerbating Ex and my time with her really fucked with me.  No matter what my opinion of something was, it was wrong.  My feelings […]

A Series of Small Things

I am between being extremely anxious about the scale being up, extremely concerned about the pelvic pain and swelling, and attempting to be Zen about it.  I’m sure it’s just Shark Week stuff.  I’m considering getting a full hysterectomy because I am so fucking sick of my female organs causing shit.  It’s annoying and nerve […]