Greetings and good day/night to you all.  I almost didn’t come online today.  I know I’ve been rather off lately and I’m going to attribute that to lack of sleep and terrible sleep quality.  I had tacos today and tacos make me happy.  I mean, I guess they were technically burritos, but they were tacos because I like to say the word tacos.  Tacos.  I love tacos.

Anyway, I did meet with Charon today.  Something I’ve noticed that’s a recurring theme for me lately is that I keep wanting to quit therapy and I keep talking myself out of it.  I know the reason I want to quit is because I’m scared and I love to avoid the real problems in my life.  Well, the deep issues anyway.

We talked about the Gay a bit.  She had asked me if, when I take other people’s perspectives of it out of the equation, I  feel okay with being gay.  I don’t really think too much of it when it comes to my own self.  To me, it’s like liking dogs or cats.  Some people like dogs, some people like cats.  Some people like both.  I say whatever makes you happy is what you should go for.  So long as whatever you do is between two consenting and human adults (or more, whatever is your swing) is your business.

Of course, this all means that my issue with the Gay is the shame attached to it.  Which is basically why I have issues with a lot of stuff.  I also think that Charon just has a huge infatuation and fascination with Brene` Brown.

I’m having one of those days where I’m doing a lot of reflection and thinking.  I’ve started writing down questions and making formats and statements and stuff about myself and feelings and things.  I’m going to be working on that stuff for a bit so my posts will probably be vague and uninteresting.

I am going to be posting every day though.  Everything in life is a practice and I don’t want to fall out of the practice of coming online and processing my day again.

You all have a good one.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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