Doing Better

Wowzers, it says I have 75 followers!  Thank you all!  For those just tuning in, or tuning in just recently, I’ve been seriously depressed for a few weeks now.  Prior, I blogged every day.  It’s a way for me to process things.  I am now a 26 year old nonbinary female person who is Autistic […]

Can any of you relate to feeling like an utter failure and piece of shit because that’s how you were treated growing up?  (My birthday was fine, by the way.  I was too overwhelmed to post yesterday.) I got some bags of chips and I portioned them out into little sandwich bags of 100 calories […]


There’s a song called “Raining Tacos” and it’s amazing and you should all go listen to it.  I’d link to it but I’m being lazy. I didn’t read today.  I did force myself to study my Japanese, but I hadn’t even touched THe Places That Scare You today.  Instead, I cleaned out the fridge and […]

Sick Stomach

I can’t remember who I was talking to, probably Kuma-chan, that it seems that people on the Autism Spectrum tend to have more physical and mental illnesses than Neurotypical peoples. That said, I’m feeling nauseas and I’m thinking I ate something that I shouldn’t have.  I probably just had too many grapes earlier.  (I ate […]