Sick Stomach

I can’t remember who I was talking to, probably Kuma-chan, that it seems that people on the Autism Spectrum tend to have more physical and mental illnesses than Neurotypical peoples.

That said, I’m feeling nauseas and I’m thinking I ate something that I shouldn’t have.  I probably just had too many grapes earlier.  (I ate a shit ton of grapes.  No joke.  It was a lot of grapes and I have no regrets.)

I also know that I get sick when I’m mentally exhausted and I finally pushed through and finished Quiet and have moved on to The Places That Scare You.  This one is less than 200 pages so I’m thinking I could finish it tomorrow.  Still waiting on that Trauma book that Charon wanted me to get.

So I’m exhausted in the intellectual part of my brain because that makes 5 books and 1 workbook that I powered through since I started this TVP, not to mention the extensive notes that I’ve been taking and the start of the definitions yesterday.

I’ve also been planning my meal preps and making list of things I need to get so I can pre-portion things on my meal prep Saturday/Sunday.  Also trying to get back into my yoga.  So, I’m exhausted in the physical wellness/planning part of my brain.

And nightmares.  All the nightmares.  I’m waking up drenched and anxious most days.  I’m having intrusive thoughts and flashbacks.  I can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes without spazzing to calm down.  I think I’ve hit my head more these last few days than I have the entirety of last year.

Add into the mix the slow and steady relapse of disordered eating and self-disgust, you got a pretty nifty exhausted brain.  No wonder I’m sick.

That all said, I am going to bed and going to try not to throw up.

(Actually, it could be the excessive amounts of wheat gluten I’ve consumed today.)

-The Sarcastic Autist


4 thoughts on “Sick Stomach

  1. Me eat a whole big bag of cherries a time and get sick so maybe can be grapes, and wheat gluten to can make lots people sick especially if has a lot more than normal (or for me any). But yes it seems us is more likely to has other things happen to because to much anxiety on body and brain and most doctors and science people say stress makes people sick. Me am wanting try meal prep to. But with mine smoothie book. Me has ensure and a thing call soylent so me only needs make 1 meal type thing a day. Me am get good at make sweet potatoes fries. Me hopes is feeling better soon

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