Lost in Translation

I know, I’m getting to be real terrible about blogging regularly again.  I had put myself into stagnation because I was breaking apart.  So much change.  So many new things starting and old things stopping and new growth opportunities and places to finally bury my past. Anyway. Part of my Autism is having problems communicating […]

I’m just popping on real quick.  I just snapped at Flapjack for something small.  Honestly, I got flustered and lashed out real quick.  I immediately regretted and expressed remorse.  It’s not something I really do anymore.  I’ve gotten real good at getting in touch with my feelings and approaching things in an effective and healthy […]

Secret Shame Catharsis Writing: Part 1

I haven’t been on in a while again.  Sorry about that.  I haven’t really been wanting to.  I mean, I have, but I haven’t.  I could say it’s because I’m incredibly lazy, but that’s not it.  I’ve been rather complacent with everything, being resigned back into the life I’d been dealt. So, first off, Flapjack […]


Yesterday was very sick day.  I am not so sick today.  A little sick, but am feeling much better. Yoshi, ikzou.  I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  It’s going to take me a bit, but I’m going to do it.  My motto this year is “Make the Attempt”.  And it’s not a […]

Dating, Meetings, and Disorder Origins

Okay, my goals for tonight: do a blog post.  My goals for tomorrow: reply to the comments previously left by the lovelies who’ve commented that I’m not dealing with right now.  My throat hurts.  I’ve got the sniffles.  I’ve got a cough.  The wind is loud outside and I’ve got a lot going on and […]