2 in a Row!

Okay, I got this.  2 days in a row.

My throat is so sore.  I had Okaasan drive me to the store to pick up cough syrup.  I don’t like cough capsules.  A lot of times, they get stuck.  I also just don’t like the way they feel or taste.  So I took my second dose (after 5 hours) just now.  I still feel terrible.  I have a very coarse cough and the sniffles.

I have a plan for how to deal with seeing Flapjack and going to Harry Potter Land.  Since I don’t pay rent, I’m going to put what I would be paying in rent aside.  Perfect.  Anytime I have a fun purchase I want to do, I’m going to stop myself and go “no, this is for field trips”.

I’ve worked very hard today to see myself as not flubby chubby lard monster.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to see myself as not ugly and not fat.  This is a very big deal for me.

I have a date set for my date with Flapjack now.  (Skype date).  It’s going to be in a couple of Saturdays.

I did not do much today because I’ve been sick.  I didn’t even really get dressed.  I ended up making cake with sprinkles last night and a majority of my diet today has been cake.

I am going to get off because I feel a bit off.  Good night every body!

-The Sarcastic Autist


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