I’m just popping on real quick.  I just snapped at Flapjack for something small.  Honestly, I got flustered and lashed out real quick.  I immediately regretted and expressed remorse.  It’s not something I really do anymore.  I’ve gotten real good at getting in touch with my feelings and approaching things in an effective and healthy manner.

And it’s the second time within a week I’ve snapped at someone.  I snapped at Charon on Monday too.  That bothers me.  Obviously I’m feeling pent up and angry about something.  A lot of things.

Maybe it’s that disgusting house I grew up in and my current state of trying to move passed it.  What are my stressors in life right now?  What’s going on to make me change how I react?

Could also be because I am working on my eating disorder.  That’s probably part of it.

I’m going to brush my teeth and go to bed.  I don’t want to be awake and feeling gross and tainted.


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