Because of you have to sick at something, why not breathing? I’m having a real hard time with my asthma and allergies. Very hard to breathe half the time.  I’m thinking about going to see my asthma doc and seeing what he says. In the mean time, lots of drugs and no adventures. Which is […]

A TidBit on Love

Okay, let’s talk about love for a moment here.  I don’t know what love is like for a non-autistic, or even for most autistics.  Pretty much, I know what I feel and that’s that.  That and what I’ve seen on the tellie or read from books. So, let’s start out by saying, I fall hard. […]

Miserable Allergies.

Okay, my allergies are kicking my ass so bad this year.  I don’t think I can see myself being super productive.  Ganbarimasu!  I’m going to try my best anyway. I’m hungry right now.  At least, I think I am.  I may just be thirsty. I feel miserable.  I am not coping well with these allergies. […]

Stupid Anxiety

Oh anxiety, how I hadn’t missed you. Why am I anxious suddenly?  I almost had a panic attack earlier.  Deep breathing, mindfulness.  It was panic, and not just from overloading of the senses.  Genuine anxiety.  Why?  What was it that set me off? I woke up after having so little sleep (went to bed around […]

Short Thingy

Okay, I’m tired and have terrible hiccups.  I’m going to make this one super short, more as a reminder for me (and to help me get back into the habit of blogging). I’ve been feeling super anxious lately.  Not 100% sure why.  I’m meditating on it.  Been getting back into reading again.  Nightmares about the […]

Lost & Broken

Hey, I’ll work on replies and everything tomorrow.  Tonight I just kinda need a place to vent and not worry about being nice or polite. I feel like I kind’ve been in a sort of half-shutdown half-depressed sort of state.  I’m able to enjoy things and have fun, but anything that means bettering myself or […]