Stupid Anxiety

Oh anxiety, how I hadn’t missed you.

Why am I anxious suddenly?  I almost had a panic attack earlier.  Deep breathing, mindfulness.  It was panic, and not just from overloading of the senses.  Genuine anxiety.  Why?  What was it that set me off?

I woke up after having so little sleep (went to bed around 2 and got up at 5:30).  Morning routine of brushing teeth, wash face, put on clothes, coffee, oatmeal, piece of toast with soynut butter, meds, play games, study.

I had decided I was going to go for a walk today and take pictures for Flapjack and go to the library and go to the store on the way home.

I left too early and the library wasn’t open yet, so I went to the thrift shop and then I got a slushie from the gas station and then I went to the dollar store and got some cool and cheap stuff.

I went to the library when it opened and got some books and went to the store.

Came home, put everything away and peed.  And changed my clothes because allergies.  And I talked to Flapjack and Kuma-chan a bit and read before I finally passed out again around 2:30/3:00 and got up again at 6:00.  (All PM.)  Woke up sore as all heck

Dorked around, now I’m anxious again.  Why am I anxious?  I’m shaky I’m anxious.

So stupid…

-The Sarcastic Autist


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