Feelings and Lack Thereof

I had a psychiatrist appointment today.  She had me start Lamictal last time I was there but I stopped taking it because I decided I didn’t like it.  Honestly, I’m thinking about quitting the rest of my meds and also therapy. Reason being is that, those asshole kids from yesterday made me realize something.  It […]

Fecking hell

Part of Exposure Therapy is In Vivo Exposure, which is going out to real life situations that remind you of the trauma or something and getting used to them, reminding yourself that it’s safe.  Something like that.  That is actually a terrible explanation. Anyway.  Today I was at the spot where the rape happened for […]

Hiding in books and things, Slipping in distorted dreams, Dying paupers and Greasy kings, No tears are shed and so it seems, That nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong, When silence is still and forever long.