Drop Bear of Doubts

I slept most of yesterday.  I was in pain and just tired.  I kept thinking about how I gave my therapist those blog posts and thinking that she won’t believe me and that she will be mad. I have a lot of doubts.  I doubt anyone will believe.  I doubt I’m worth anything.  I doubt […]

Failed Foundations-Part 3

I’ll remind you all that the point of this is to figure out where to go next in therapy.  I’m trying to find a couple more things to do in Exposure Therapy.  What memories are the most vivid, the most traumatic, the ones that give me the most nightmares?    So far, most of my […]

Bit of a Complaint

So, my appointment with my therapist was cancelled today, which really sucks because I really needed to talk to her.  I know I could call but I don’t want to bother her.  Which is kind of silly since she said I could call her about stuff anytime and if she was busy she just wouldn’t […]