Updates Updates Updates

Hissashiburi!  I know it’s been a while.  A long while.  Not as long as other whiles, though.  Lots of tiny little updates and a few huge ones.

Tiny updates: It’s been over a year now that Flapjack and I have been together.  Yay!  We just had our first D&D with a group of friends online.  Well,  friends of hers and friends of mine.  We are all friends now.  It was a lot of fun.

I went to the birthday party of one of my other friends a few weeks back.  The one whose party I went to last year?  That friend.  He gave me his old PS3, which was very nice of him.  I was and am very grateful for it.

And my computer died.  My little piece of shit netbook/notebook thingy that was pretty purple.  It got stuck in a boot loop, just like my old phone.  I’m starting to think I have bad luck with electronics.  My super smart, yet still assholish because he doesn’t agree with my ‘lifestyle and choices’, because I’m nonbinary trans and gay, he helped me build a low-end gaming desktop.  By helped me I mean that I watched and I helped him build it after I bought most of the parts.  He did also pay for a few parts himself as a gift.  Which was very generous.  I’m quite excited now because I’ve been trying to play World of Warcraft with my girlfriend.  We can also play a few other games together.  I’ve died minimally.

Those were the tiny updates.

Big updates:

Surgery is next week.  On Monday.  I have my pre-operative exam tomorrow.  The current plan is to just open me up and see what is or is not there and try to remove any of the endometriosis or adhesions.  But yeah.  Surgery.   I’m fucking terrified and also, surgery hurts.  It hurts a lot.  An insane amount a lot.  And I am getting minimal pain medications.  Like, literally a handful.  Around 5?  I think that’s what we agreed on.  We’ll be discussing it more tomorrow because I am a worry wart and like to plan obsessively.

The other Big Update is that Charon, my therapist, is leaving.  She’s  moving from Mental Health Management Place 1 to Unknown Mental Health Management Place ?????.  She said that I have 3 choices.  In reality, I have 4 choices.  Choice 1 is that I can stop therapy.  No one thinks this is a good idea.  Literally, everyone I’ve talked to has said that me stopping therapy is a Terrible Idea and I should NOT do that.  Choice 2 is that she gives me an “in-house” referral, meaning that she refers me to another therapist and Mental Health Management Place 1.  Choice 3 is that I can seek therapy elsewhere from Mental Health Management Place 1.  There are no shortages of places I can seek treatment from.  The 4th Choice, and the one I’d rather do, is I can see if my insurance will allow me to follow her to her new place.

The issue with Choice 4 is that I don’t know where she’s moving to.  She can’t tell me because non-competes.  You know?  So she did say I can Google her, which makes me really uncomfortable.  Because Googling is kinda creepy.  I am also insanely good at it.  I can find just about anything and anyone with my Google-fu.  Also, I have tried and I can’t find her.  Which is a bit frustrating and also makes me uncomfortable because I’ve learned a lot of things about her that I would rather not know.  Like her age.

My mum asked me why I didn’t just ask my therapist and when I said she had the non-compete, my mum said “she could tell you anyway”.  No.  If Charon told me, she would have broken her word and I wouldn’t want to follow her to the new place.  My mum doesn’t understand this.  My mum is also a bit of an asshole herself.

Anyway… That’s where it’s all at right now.  I’m going to go shower and go to bed so I’m ready for my appointment tomorrow.  I will try to be better now that I have a decent computer.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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