This is My Life on Unworthiness

lavenderandlevity just pointed out that I’ve been thinking of my PTSD and Autism ‘symptoms’ as having to be mutually exclusive to each other, when they could be an “and” instead of an “or”.   I feel a bit silly for not having thought of that before, but I tend to think in black and white so […]

Just a Day in the Life of…

I’m supposed to be going to this festival thingy with a friend tomorrow and I’m not sure I will be able to because I can feel another migraine coming on.  I also think I’m getting some sort of sickness because my chest feels like that cold painful feeling you get when you’ve been out running […]

Trauma and the Core-Self

I’ve decided I’m going to start a book club of sorts for The Body Keeps The Score. Partly because I told a few friends about it and, since it’s heavy reading, reading it together to process it might be more beneficial.  Partly because if I have to suffer, so do others.  It’s a very triggering book […]