migraines and trauma

Yo, you know what sucks? Migraines. Which I have one so I’m typing this on my phone since I don’t have to listen to the clack clack clack of the keys on my computer.

I’m actually starting to think my migraines may be trauma related because there’s a lot of overlap with stress and flashbacks and stuff. I’m rereading the body keeps the score and I remember I hated it because it made me feel sad and hopeless regarding PTSD stuff and my head really started hurting earlier when I was reading it.

Autism and PTSD also share a lot of symptoms and it has me worried that I’ll never truly be able to know what is caused by what. I’ll post a more detailed thing when my head stops feeling so fucked.

Anyway, I just wanted to do the small update since I’m determined to get back into blogging more regularly.

The sarcastic autist

2 thoughts on “migraines and trauma

  1. Me has be thinks of you lots. Am prolly to delete mine word press cuz me almost never can type here no mores. But you do has mine email. And me wants us be friends.
    There is a thing called complex childhood ptsd that is basically autism from trauma when very small.
    Me to has be thinks long time on something and how say to you. Me not thinks focusing on how/why you is different is helps. It seem to just make you think you’re broken and needs be fix. Me thinks maybe will helps more if focus on what you like and what you can do to make things more easy, good, or smile. Like example instead of reading on why noises is to loud (autism) just think of me can headphones to make things better. So that is not thinking of yourself as broken, is just learning to accept yourself. It not matters why/how you’re different, only what you can do to make stuff better. You not can fix the past or cure autism. But you can learn what helps you and just do those things. Me to has be go thru this with autism and ptsd, but to with mine body and brain getting more bad. Me has be learn that makes myself more depressed by try think everything wrong with me just well make me depressed, but thinking of what can do to feel more good helps.
    And to me has be listen this person sometimes when mine brain works maybe you will likes https://youtu.be/sn0UlRaVh6Y

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    • Thanks dude. I’m going to make a list of positive qualities about myself because I never focus on those. It’s always on what I can’t do or what’s wrong with me. You’re good people. THanks for the link. I think it’s a good resource too. You can always email me. We’re friends.
      Thanks for being so amazing.

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