Mobile Update

I’m doing this from my phone again and I have no idea how to do tags on it. Please bear with me. I’m gonna be a panda for All Hallow’s tomorrow. I’m excited. I’m not really doing anything outside of therapy but I’m excited. I’m tired. I woke up at 3 am from nightmares. I […]


My alarm didn’t go off this morning and I only woke up because the cat started hacking up a hairball on my bed. Normally I would have woken up before my alarm bit my sleep has been such shit lately… I’m writing on my phone because I don’t feel like getting up and trying to […]

Trying to Figure Things Out

Okay, so reading about how trans people have transitioned and all the different ways binary folks have done it has been really inspiring and all.  I have no clue how nonbinary people do it.  There are things insurance will cover if you are MTF but not FTM and vice versa.  Like sometimes insurance will cover […]

Tribe Vibe-The Beginning

Okay, so let’s talk about how much I suck at reading people.  I suck at reading people.  I really, really, truly do.  Probably because Autism.  I’m going to tell Charon that this is something I really want to work on because I need to.  I don’t know how to act and that bothers me.  We […]

Maybe burn out

My nose is stuffed and I am still tired and we had a substitute therapist today instead of Charon. He was nice. He was also a fun guy. I’ll post more tomorrow. I don’t think I posted last night either. I’ve been starting to shut down gradually and I just noticed that so I’m trying […]


So, my therapist may have to cancel group Wednesday for personal reasons.  I get it, shit comes up, she’s only human.  I hope it all turns out okay for her. I totally danced around why I’ve been anxious lately and not sleeping well.  It’s not the rape, so there’s that.  It’s a million other things […]

Tiny Bite-Sized Processes

Okay, so I tend to be very bad at being able to do the whole break everything down into manageable tasks thing.  I see the forest and I see the trees and I see the leaves on the trees and I forget about the branches and then remember about the branches and end up getting […]