Another Busy Day

Oh man, I feel like I had another long day.  I woke up a bit later than I meant to, but I got some more much needed sleep so it was okay.  I had to go pay rent and give the management people a copy of the cat’s vaccinations list.  I actually studied this morning and began preliminary work to start learning Russian.  My mum came home and I went to the store for her.  I had a phone appointment with my care coordinator.  Then I went shopping with my friend Luffy.  We got shoes and we went to Walmart and stuff too.  We had Chipotle.

I like my new shoes.  It took me forever to find a pair I liked okay.  I’m very picky.  I mean, I’m very picky for my everyday shoes.  Not so much random shoes that I decide I like.  Those ones are always cheap.

I’ve been struggling with my eating disorder stuff.  I’m eating food and I’m pretty sure I’m hitting around 1200 calories.  I’m not 100% though.  I hope so.

I am starting to feel really burned out.  I don’t feel like I have enough me time planned and I’m worried about having a shut down or a melt down.

I should put it on the list of things to talk to Charon about.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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