Just My Day

I am allergic to dogs.  I am very allergic to dogs.  I’m allergic to cats, too, but Neko-chan is long haired and that means all her crud is trapped like me in this hell hole of a town.  I got a list of places with open wait lists for low-income housing from an agency my ARMHS guy has hooked me up with.  Full disclosure: I need help with this shit and I’m going to have to ask for it.

I had therapy with Charon today.  We mostly talked about how I need a job but I really don’t know what to do and I’d rather go back to college.  I can’t really do anything while I’m with my mum since she won’t drive me unless it benefits her.  I’m limited with how much I can work with people, too.  I’m going to be taking a few career aptitude tests to see what I should be trying out.

I convinced Charon that we should have candy and treats next Wednesday for Halloween.  She asked me what kind of candy I like and I don’t really like a lot of candy.  I’m not a huge sweets fan.

I just took a career aptitude test on Psychology Today.  Anthropology.  Of course.  That makes sense.  I’m going to email Charon after I do a couple more.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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