Just a quick update since I should be sleeping because I have to be up at fuck o’clock in the morning. I uh, I made myself throw up after dinner. I made stroganoff, which I’ve been craving forever, and I made myself throw up. I’ve been severely restricting and now this. I don’t know. I […]


Okay, so, I spent the night at Sweet Pea’s house on Saturday and today is Monday, so I really just been busy.  This won’t be as long as the other post I just made and I’ll be elaborating more tomorrow since I’m still tired. We DTRed tonight at my request.  I’m okay with poly relationships […]

Useless Nonbinary Lesbian

Hey everyone, I’m not dead.  I’ve just had a helluva week.  I haven’t posted in a week.  So, let’s break this down.  Heads up, I talk about sex stuff later in my post and my post is super long.  And by sex stuff, I don’t go into sordid details, but I do talk about sex […]

Almost Capable

I am reading The Name of the Wind and ignoring the panic and flashbacks that keep threatening to overwhelm me. Because book. And because I’ll be damned if I don’t at least pretend I can handle myself. Every time I leave the safety of my book, I start getting overwhelmed and fuck that. So I’m […]