Pelvic Pain Problems

I hope you all had a chance to vote this election!  Getting out and voting is important if you are legally allowed to vote (in other words, not a felon).  I did an absentee ballot and found that was easier because I was able to take my time and do research on who I wanted to vote for.

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I had a long day.  I had a gyno appointment and then I went shopping for me and my mum and then I went shopping with Luffy because he needed groceries and I have plenty of food and he just lost his job.  If I needed help, I know he would help me.  Anyway, I was out real late and by the time I got home and showered and got ready for bed, it was time for sleep.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I’ve been having pain and bleeding since I started trying exercising again (just some light core work, ignoring my ankle issues).  It’s gotten real bad these last few days now that I’ve dropped below 165 again.  Every time I go below 165 pounds, I get really bad pelvic pain.  I’d been having random spot through bleeding and some mild cramps so I’d been planning on going to the doctor, but then I got really bad bleeding and pain a week or so back.

So I went to my gyno.  I don’t have a lot of options left.  One option is to live with the pain and bleeding and stuff.  Another is do pain management stuff, which I’ve done before and it got me nowhere.  The last option is a hysterectomy.  I’ve decided I’m going to talk to my HRT doc and Cybele, my gender therapist, and see if they have any recommendations for pain management providers within the University of Minnesota.  I’m also going to see what their insight is in regards to this sort of thing and HRT and stuff.  If I get a hysterectomy, I’ve already decided I’m probably going to stop the testosterone.  I don’t want to over masculinize and a huge reason I even started it was as a last ditch effort to prevent needing surgery.

Obviously that did not go as planned.

There’s not much I can do right now except research what my few options are.  I really wish I could talk to Charon about this because I’m real sad and upset but I don’t see her for a couple of weeks since she has a personal thing next week she has to take care of.

I wish I had Flapjack to talk to about this stuff.  She’d understand, in a roundabout way.  Oh well.

I’m going to go read a bit and probably sleep.  I’m tired.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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