5 thoughts on “So much pain

  1. I truly hope you find a solution for this soon. I can’t even begin to fathom what you’re struggling with right now. The closest I have are when my migraines were bad enough that I was blacking out from them. I don’t think that compares to this so I won’t even pretend that it does. What I do understand however, is the desperate desire for the pain to end and I do hope that for you the doctors will find a way to make it happen. ❤

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    • I’d rather have migraines, to be honest. At least with those, I know they’ll end eventually. But I’ve also never had black-out migraines, so I’m coming from my own experiences. I’m going to be talking to Charon Monday and see what she thinks, then I’ve decided to get a second opinion. Since I get my hormones and do the gender stuff through the University of Minnesota, I will have an easier time getting in to do any surgery or consults there, and I’m told they have some top physicians. My mum had her hysterectomy done there 10 years ago. I’d rather my gyno did it, since she’s already cut me open once. I’d rather not have it done at all.

      BTW, I’m glad your kid is home. I saw that. I don’t comment much on your posts and now I realize that can be kinda creepy.

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      • The fact that the migraines eventually end is why I felt they don’t compare to your pain. At least when I blacked out there was a period of time I didn’t feel anything. Only bad part about it is I needed to be awake to take care of shit.

        My mother had a hysterectomy and so did one of my cousins. Neither of them regretted it, but both considered their decision for quite awhile before going through it. Whatever it is you decide to do, I support it and understand. It’s not a small thing to think upon.

        It’s important to me that you feel comfortable when communicating to me. So please do so where ever it is that happens to be, whether that’s in your blog space or in mine. I don’t find it creepy either way. Even a private message is okay, but it might take me longer to see it.

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      • Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. It’s been a heck of a week.

        I think you’re cool people and the fact that you’re having to go through so much crap to get your kid help makes me frustrated on your behalf. I remember not having a lot of support or resources that were actually helpful growing up and I see and hear stories all the time about stuff like this happening and it’s complete and total bull. I really hope you can get something figured out soon.

        On the topic of the hysterectomy, I’m leaning more towards getting it right now. It’s whether or not I’m going to get the ovary removed is the issue now. I feel like that sentence is worded weird but I’ve been sleep deprived this week.

        I hope this finds you well enough, despite all that’s going on.

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      • No worries, you’re making complete sense to me. 🙂 I do hope you’re able to get rest soon.

        I’m inclined to agree with these doctors that before the DSM-V when a bunch of disorders where lumped in with Autism Spectrum Disorder, my son would have been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay Disorder. Which means chances are it would have been identified sooner since too many people are still looking for Classic Autism when diagnosing with the DSM-V. To be honest, even I was any time I heard the word Autism. I don’t think whomever made the decision to do this with the DSM-V considered the far reaching implications in terms of clarity when it came to diagnosing children. It does seem to help those who were already diagnosed though get the services they need, but I feel it may have created a barrier in being appropriately identified in a timely fashion.

        But I don’t know. I’m certainly not a doctor or specialist. For all I know we may still have it wrong with my son. It may very well be entirely something else. All I can do is take the information that we have right now and do the best I can with it. It’s just that this time, it feels like it makes sense where before it didn’t. And I’m just upset that it wasn’t identified during the first neuropsych evaluation, but I found out that not every neuropsychologist is trained to identify Autism. Which completely blows my mind.


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