Okay, so, I spent the night at Sweet Pea’s house on Saturday and today is Monday, so I really just been busy.  This won’t be as long as the other post I just made and I’ll be elaborating more tomorrow since I’m still tired.

We DTRed tonight at my request.  I’m okay with poly relationships only if it’s stated upfront because I can get jealous and possessive otherwise.  Also, it’s cheating if all parties aren’t privy to that.  Sweet Pea and I would both prefer going a more serious monogamous thing right now, rather than a casual fling.  She’s my girlfriend and I’m her partner.  I feel like we’re detectives.

More on us later.

My Eating Disorder shit is kinda getting bad.  Legit, it scares me a bit.  Like, my body is nothing like how I picture it in my head and it’s fucking with me.

Okay, I gotta brush my teeth and bed because I’m tired.

-The Sarcastic Autist

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