Orphan Black

I’m watching Orphan Black and I’m going “please be gay please be gay please be gay”. It would make me very happy if she was gay. I woke up later than I meant to today. I had to go to the store and it snowed last night and snowed a bit more today. I needed […]


Watching Orphan Black. Also pierced my tongue and lip today. I’m in pain for that. I’m kinda meh on most things right now because of everything with the endometriosis and probably needing surgery soon and trying to wrap my mind around that. I want ice cream.

Unsafe Space

Charon will be out next week.  That’s okay.  It gives me time to think about how to talk to her about what we talked about today. She asked if I feel safe at home with my mum.  Emotionally, she says.  Obviously, the answer is no, but I’m afraid if I tell her that that she’ll […]

Anxious Anger and Hopelessness

First of all, I just want to say that I woke up this morning and realized I looked like a teenaged boy without makeup on and that made me really happy for some reason.   I enjoy that.  I like wearing makeup because it covers my acne and I feel naked without it.  But I’m starting […]

Happy Halloween

I was a panda today. I had fun being a panda. I’ve been getting so little sleep lately that I just crashed when I got home. I’m about to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s the last movie on my 31 movie list for October. I’m so excited I actually managed to get through the […]