Muddying the Water

Something I thought about earlier: Why do I listen to my anxiety and depression if they’re such fucking liars? I have no follow up on that line of thinking, just thought I would share. Moving on.  I made an appointment with my psychiatrist, Styx, to talk about meds for my anxiety and depression.  I still […]

Daddy Issues™ Part One (tw)

Okay, so I sleep better wearing lots of clothes again.  Especially a bra, which I know you aren’t supposed to do.  Let’s explore why. (Trigger Warning for childhood abuse) To start with, what I’m about to write is something I’m kind of hesitant to post.  I just need to get it out there.  I’m struggling […]

Inner World

I’m not feeling great today.  I haven’t been sleeping well because of nightmares and just being afraid of sleep. The reason for today’s post is because I think I broke my mind Tuesday.  I was replaying a conversation I had with my therapist Charon because I was feeling a bit gaslit by something and wanted […]