A Wee Bit Upset

Had Charon today.  I’m trying to do some Exposure Therapy stuff on my own with going to the Red Box Store that gives me flashbacks and shit and ended up being a bit late because I went to Red Box Store beforehand and missed the tram.

Something that’s bothering me about Charon right now is that she keeps saying I no longer meet the criteria for PTSD since doing Exposure Therapy with her and I strongly disagree.  I disagree because I’m having nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, my quality of life has gone down considerably because I can’t seem to get this shit under control, and I’ve been having a real hard time fighting the urge to harm myself.  But fuck it, let’s say I don’t meet the criteria for the diagnosis.  Who cares?  I’m still struggling a lot.  It’s just frustrating because I feel like I can’t talk to her about anything because I think she’ll just say that stupid shit and just… Lord and Lady, it’s invalidating.

I think I’m going to have to talk to her about it next week when I see her.  Right now, I’m just extremely frustrated and upset about this.  She’s an awesome person, just feel like she can be a bit daft.

Thanks for listening to my venting.

-The Sarcastic Autist

2 thoughts on “A Wee Bit Upset

  1. That’s frustrating when your therapist isn’t being helpful. I’ve had moments with therapists where I just want to scream at them for not understanding me. Anyways I’m just a new reader to your blog but I’m sorry to hear you had a difficult therapy session today. I’ve been in therapy for reasons different than yours but I hate hearing about others going through any sort of difficulties. Anyways I’m just a fellow autistic wishing you better days soon.

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