Oniisan’s ETA: Thursday

My brother is packing his family’s shit up as I type and getting ready to move back here because his brother-in-law is going batshit, apparently.  I don’t like change.

I haven’t seen my brother in person for around 7 years ago.  (I don’t remember the last time Okaasan says I saw him.  It’s a blank spot, like half my childhood).  He’s bringing his 4 year old son and his spouse.  His kid doesn’t call me Auntie Deadname, he calls me Nuncle Newname.  While my immediate family, not including my da, knows I’m nonbinary, my extended family doesn’t.  And the kid is 4, I can’t expect him to call my Auntie Deadname around my extended family and Nuncle Newname when it’s just us.  So I may end up needing to come out because I’m not going to ask the kid to lie for me.  I won’t lie for me.  This is why I hate the closet.  It makes everything so complicated.

Just… With all this other shit going on… Fuck me, I guess.

-The Sarcastic Autist

(PS, I am 100% not going to make my brother’s crisis about me.  I just wanted to vent because I never expected this to happen when I came out to him.  I understand having to pack all your shit ASAP or leaving with just the clothes on your back because a family member’s mental health was making your home unsafe.  I know how stressful and scary this situation is for him and I’m being as supportive as I can.  I’m not going to tell him to tell his kid not to call me Nuncle Newname.  That’s my shit to deal with.  He has enough on his plate.)

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