Heads up, I may be a little drunk and may have been drinking a bit every day since last Wednesday.

Had therapy today.  I’m gonna miss Charon as a therapist, but honestly, I feel like it’s time for me to move on to someone else.  It’s okay.  Hopefully someone I can communicate a little better with and whose opinion I don’t care about.  Also, I wore short sleeves today!  My arms look like Deadpool’s face.  I’m determined not to wear long sleeves as long as I’m not cutting.

I went to Queer of July last Thursday.  It was a party a friend of mine from one of my groups held.  I drank and I smoked a bit of pot.  Not really proud of that, but I had fun none-the-less.  I made friends!

I’m having a bit of difficulty finding a therapist.  I may end up asking Charon for help again.  I don’t like that idea.  I’m trying to be self-sufficient.

I’ve applied to a Section 8 housing voucher.  There’s a limited amount, but the nice guy helping me fill stuff out says that he’s pretty sure I’m going to get one.  He was helpful with getting information and stuff. I’m on a lot of waiting lists for other places too.

With my brother and his wife and child living with my mum and me, it’s a full house in our 2 bedroom.  It’s 4 adults, a 4 year old, a cat, and a dog.  I was kinda laughing because I’m the middle aged person, my brother and mum being older than me and his wife and child being younger, and also there are 2 boys, 2 girls, and then whatever the fuck I am here in the middle.  I thought it was funny.

I see Styx, my psychiatrist, tomorrow.  I’m going to go ahead with the full testing to see what’s up with me.  The testing, in case I hadn’t mentioned it before, is a full psychiatric exam including physical tests.  I get seizures and twitches and stuff, so that should be helpful.

Okay, probably should stop blogging while drunk since I keep having to fix my typing.

Coming Soon: More details about my childhood!

-The Sarcastic Autist

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