Anxious Anger and Hopelessness

First of all, I just want to say that I woke up this morning and realized I looked like a teenaged boy without makeup on and that made me really happy for some reason.   I enjoy that.  I like wearing makeup because it covers my acne and I feel naked without it.  But I’m starting […]

Tribe Vibe-The Beginning

Okay, so let’s talk about how much I suck at reading people.  I suck at reading people.  I really, really, truly do.  Probably because Autism.  I’m going to tell Charon that this is something I really want to work on because I need to.  I don’t know how to act and that bothers me.  We […]


So, my therapist may have to cancel group Wednesday for personal reasons.  I get it, shit comes up, she’s only human.  I hope it all turns out okay for her. I totally danced around why I’ve been anxious lately and not sleeping well.  It’s not the rape, so there’s that.  It’s a million other things […]

Tiny Bite-Sized Processes

Okay, so I tend to be very bad at being able to do the whole break everything down into manageable tasks thing.  I see the forest and I see the trees and I see the leaves on the trees and I forget about the branches and then remember about the branches and end up getting […]

With Enthusiasm

Fuck yeah, 120 followers!  I’m so proud of me right now.  I ended up taking a nap this afternoon for a few hours.  I feel tons better.  I really needed that extra sleep. So, a few things since I didn’t really post yesterday beyond “yay, no cavities”.  First off, yay, no cavities.  I’m going to […]

Anxiety vs Music

Been anxious today and I’m not sure why.  I’m probably just anxious because I’m anxious.  Because anxiety.  I didn’t have to watch my godmother’s dogs because her youngest was home sick.  Instead, I decided to try and figure out Spotify a bit.  I think I almost got it.  I just had hundreds of songs elsewhere […]

Feeling Isolated and Alone

Hello, I don’t have much to write today.  I’m going to let you all know that the book club forum for The Body Keeps the Score is open for registration.  You can still join after registration closes, I’m not that much of a jerk.  I just want to have a start date of Friday, October […]

The Flashlight (Part 2)

Okay, so I’ve been thinking more about why the flashlight had such an impact.  I do have a cellphone that has a flashlight and I do use that flashlight a lot.  However, I think that since I use my phone so much that it is a piece of every day equipment to me, like my […]