Inaccessible Emotional Excess

I realize I haven’t posted in a bit.  I’ve had a lot going on.  My grandma went into the hospital last week and got transferred to transitional care this week.  I’ve been really bad about ‘making space’ for myself to let myself feel what I feel.  I started going to that trans masc support group […]

The Flashlight

Today was the first day I got to watch my godmother’s dogs.  It was okay.  I’m itchy.  Surprisingly, I only got anxious thinking about someone stealing my bike.  Not about someone potentially breaking in and raping and/or murdering me.  So I’m going to chalk that up as a win. I’ve been having a hard time […]

This is My Life on Unworthiness

lavenderandlevity just pointed out that I’ve been thinking of my PTSD and Autism ‘symptoms’ as having to be mutually exclusive to each other, when they could be an “and” instead of an “or”.   I feel a bit silly for not having thought of that before, but I tend to think in black and white so […]

A Series of Small Things

I am between being extremely anxious about the scale being up, extremely concerned about the pelvic pain and swelling, and attempting to be Zen about it.  I’m sure it’s just Shark Week stuff.  I’m considering getting a full hysterectomy because I am so fucking sick of my female organs causing shit.  It’s annoying and nerve […]

TVP & Exposure Therapy Thoughts

Oh my goodness, so many books, so little time!  I saw Charon today and tried explaining to her about my current TVP and the books I’m using for it and she said that I’m reading self-improvement books so maybe I’m doing self-improvement.  Except that’s not how it feels to me.  I’m not really doing self-improvement […]