My Spazzing and Me: Sensory Edition

So, I left group early today.  We had to switch to a new room on the third floor.  It smelled of new paint.  It also was too bright and too loud and I had an overload and left early to avoid a meltdown.  As it is, I started crying and I was spazzing/stimming real bad. […]

Change Shutdown and Concerns

Hello, my friends and followers and random people across the web!  I am currently sitting with hair dye in my hair because I noticed I was starting to grey a little bit again.  Stress with do that to you I suppose.  I think I’m getting a cold or something because my ears keep feeling clogged […]

Defining Dialectics

Greetings, my friends.  As many of you may know, Pokemon Go came online last night.  I’ve been having so much fun, despite the frequent rolling server downage. I’ve been enjoying that and my Japanese studies, as per the usual routine.  I’ve eaten almost the entire box of Vegan Cheese Squares.  They are good.  I highly […]