Uncomfortability Issues

I just finished reading Will and Spirit.  It’s a good read.  It goes on about willingness vs willfulness and unity and dualism.  It’s a bit of a Christian read but it has a lot of other references too.  There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors.  Good read though. Something hit me earlier that made […]

the Death and Rebirth of Transitioning

I had name change court Tuesday, the 15th.  I have officially changed my name.  My mum was going to drive me to the Social Security office so I can change it with them, but it’s been cold and we are lazy.  And also very sensitive to the cold.  We are planning on going Tuesday, as […]

Useless Nonbinary Lesbian

Hey everyone, I’m not dead.  I’ve just had a helluva week.  I haven’t posted in a week.  So, let’s break this down.  Heads up, I talk about sex stuff later in my post and my post is super long.  And by sex stuff, I don’t go into sordid details, but I do talk about sex […]

Anxious Anger and Hopelessness

First of all, I just want to say that I woke up this morning and realized I looked like a teenaged boy without makeup on and that made me really happy for some reason.   I enjoy that.  I like wearing makeup because it covers my acne and I feel naked without it.  But I’m starting […]

Trying to Figure Things Out

Okay, so reading about how trans people have transitioned and all the different ways binary folks have done it has been really inspiring and all.  I have no clue how nonbinary people do it.  There are things insurance will cover if you are MTF but not FTM and vice versa.  Like sometimes insurance will cover […]

Tribe Vibe-The Beginning

Okay, so let’s talk about how much I suck at reading people.  I suck at reading people.  I really, really, truly do.  Probably because Autism.  I’m going to tell Charon that this is something I really want to work on because I need to.  I don’t know how to act and that bothers me.  We […]


So, my therapist may have to cancel group Wednesday for personal reasons.  I get it, shit comes up, she’s only human.  I hope it all turns out okay for her. I totally danced around why I’ve been anxious lately and not sleeping well.  It’s not the rape, so there’s that.  It’s a million other things […]