Well, I’m mad

Okay okay okay.  Let’s see here.  Tomorrow I have to be up by fucking 3 am so I can get laundry done for my mum and me.  Then I got group.  I won’t get up until noon at the earliest.  The cat has an appointment at 1:30.  Then my mum has an appointment at 3:30.  […]

Distress Tolerance and Dysphoria

So, I got into the DBT group room all ready to try one more time without my sunglasses and Charon just marches in and turns on the overhead lights and says “Okay, so The Sarcastic Autist has sensitivity problems and may need to wear sunglasses.”  I’m grateful, yeah, but seriously?  What the fuck.  I guess […]

Want to Quit Therapy (but refuseto)

Hello, my friends!  Oddly enough, Thanksgiving wasn’t that bad.  It was loud and noisy and I hated every second of the stomping that my family does.  It bothered me that everyone treated me different than the other kids, with the exceptions of Book.  It really bothered me that they cut up Book’s chicken steak thingy […]

Debates in Bible Study

Hello again.  It’s me, with another ‘more than a few paragraphs’ post!  Yay!  I just want to say real quick that all day I’ve just been so hungry.  I’ve eaten probably around 1200-1500 calories minimum.  I’m estimating because I didn’t count them and I’m sort of trying to avoid such things lately.  I’ve also been […]

My Thoughts on the Last Week

Hissashiburi, minna!  I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday.  I wanted to catch up on my studying and then I was exhausted and really just needed to unplug for a bit.  I’m doing much better today, although my Distress Tolerance ability is out the window for the most part right now.  I’m at the higher end […]

My Spazzing and Me: Part Three

Hajimemashite, everyone!  I’m doing a lot better than yesterday.  I mean, my face is still a bit swollen and my throat hurts and shit, but I’m doing a lot better.  I’m very tired, but I’m guessing that has more to do with the Benadryl I’ve been consuming non-stop. For today, you may have noticed that I’m […]