Feeling Scared

Hisashiburi, mina! I’m still settling into the apartment.  The cat is with me. I am still seeing that new therapist that I haven’t come up with a name yet for.  I’m going to be trying to start HRT again.  There’s a protest in the new city I’m in that I want to go to.  I […]

Face Blindness Anxiety Stuff

I am colouring my hair again.  Blue this time.  It probably won’t come out well, but I don’t care.  My skin is also getting coloured.  I’m a smurf. I had my MRI this morning.  I don’t know how it turned out, but probably normal.  My leg still hurts.  I won’t go to a pain clinic […]

Debates in Bible Study

Hello again.  It’s me, with another ‘more than a few paragraphs’ post!  Yay!  I just want to say real quick that all day I’ve just been so hungry.  I’ve eaten probably around 1200-1500 calories minimum.  I’m estimating because I didn’t count them and I’m sort of trying to avoid such things lately.  I’ve also been […]

The Distress of Differentness

Salut, ami!  A head’s up, I’m going to be writing a paper on the pro’s and con’s of conforming, so if anyone has any suggestions for it, I’m all ears.  Not literally, however, because that would be gross and weird and I’d probably be in some government lab somewhere being tested on if I was. […]